Jade Rabbit (Yutu)

In 2013, China launched a probe to the lunar surface called Jade Rabbit.
China's ambitious plans are to mine the lunar surface for valuable minerals and transport them back to Earth. Jade Rabbit was a first step in exploration.

After 14 days (one lunar day) it went into sleep mode and waited until the sun reappeared to recharge the batteries. When it woke up, it performed a number of experiments on the lunar soil. By the end of the second lunar day, the drives had malfunctioned, and could not go into sleep mode again. By the third lunar day, the Chinese engineers decided it could no longer move, although it continued to gather information for another two years.


Jade Rabbit used the standard rocker bogie system so that it wouldn't get stuck in the lunar soil.

Although the suspension worked well, the drive motors malfunctioned.