Switches are used to start and stop the flow of electricity.

There are many different types of switches:


Toggle switches are usually simple on/off switches.

The light switch in your house would be a toggle switch.

The switch on the back of a computer is a type of toggle switch called a rocker switch.

Push button switch

These types of switches are used to push something on or off.

For example, the switch on a smartphone is turned on and off by a push button switch on the side.  The iPhone Home button is a push button switch.

A laptop can be turned on and off with a push button switch.

Electrical switches. Top, left to right: circuit breaker, mercury switch, wafer switch, DIP switch, surface mount switch, reed switch. Bottom, left to right: wall switch (U.S. style), miniature toggle switch, inline switch, push-button switch, rocker switch, micro switch.

Tran​sistors act like switches except there are no moving parts