Raw materials , naturally

Modern manufacturing processes requires a continuous source of materials.  Newer and better materials are in demand.
Many processes require large amounts of heat, toxic chemicals and complex procedures.  Pollution is often a consequence and undesirable waste. is a result.
Industry is increasingly looking to the natural world for new ideas for both manufacturing processes and materials

Biomimicry uses biology to innovate and copy processes of nature.  These are life friendly and fit better into our environment.
During the last 2 centuries,countless new inventions & processes have allowed us to change and manage our environment.
Energy use based on the fossil fuel economy has increased \as if there were no tomorrow.
This has resulted in vast consumption of energy and resources..
 This is unsustainable.we must develop better ways of producing energy and resources..
Manufacturing needs to become -
  • less expensive
  • less energy consuming
  • less toxic