• Introduction
    • Materials and technology

      Modern society relies on technology to provide the items we use on a daily basis.   These items are made of a variety of materials.  As technology develops, there is an ever-increasing demand for a continued supply of supplies for m...

    • Materials and technology

      Industrial materials may be grouped into 4 broad categories : Organic- derived from living sources such as wood/cardboard/paper (trees...

  • Material Properties
    • Material properties

      The choice of materials to be used in any manufactured item should be based on their material properties. This will ensure the item performs accordingly. Properties are many and varied- Visual...

  • Testing and Identifying Materials
  • The Real Cost of Manufacturing
  • Bio-mimicry
    • Raw materials , naturally

      Modern manufacturing processes requires a continuous source of materials.  Newer and better materials are in demand. Many processes require large amounts of heat, toxic chemicals and complex procedures.  Pollution is oft...